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Lose your weight!

But not your health.

The all natural Acaicare Combo capsule promotes healthy weight loss, burns both sugar and fat, promotes thermogenesis and increases metabolic activity.



Soothe those aching joints

Don't let the pain slow you down.

Flexi Joint's innovative formulation and perfect blend of natural extracts gives you the best benefits to strengthen those joints and keep them healthy! It's time to say no to pain!



Keeping your Diabetes in check...

is easier than you thought

The DiabX Capsules contain leaf extracts of the
“Gymnema sylvestre”, which is a plant
known for its potent anti-diabetic properties.


Building Health

Under the guidance of our medical experts, we meticulously create each supplement to meet your every need. It is our tireless effort to bring you the healthcare you deserve.

Building Awareness

As healthcare professionals, we see it as our responsibility to not only provide you with fresh, high quality supplements, but also ensure that we give you all the knowledge you need before taking them.

Building Trust

We understand you may have a host of questions before you try our products. Our dedicated team of advisors is available at all times to ensure that you never have an unanswered query.



We believe in the importance of complete awareness when it comes to taking care of your body, and see it as our responsibility to provide you with as much information as we can. Our panel of healthcare consultants are at your service, to put all your queries, doubts and apprehensions to rest.

For any information that you may need, please feel free to write to us and we’ll be happy to help!

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About Us

In today’s fast paced world, where we lead chaotic and stressful lives, attention to healthcare has gained paramount importance. We, at Natura Healthcare, understand its significance and offer you the highest quality of minerals, vitamins and nutritional supplements, created using the latest scientific research and state of the art technology.

  • We are Universal

    Healthcare is not only a universal right but also a universal need. We provide healthcare supplements that cater to different age groups and their varied needs.

  • We are Precise

    It is our constant endeavour to bring you the perfect balance between nature and science, to ensure that each tablet gives you the exact dosage and effect of the nutrient that you require.

  • We are Affordable

    We ensure that these simple elements that help improve the quality of life, are both, accessible and affordable, thus touching as many lives as possible.

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